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Minocqua Brewing Company

Labor Lager, 16oz 4pk

Labor Lager, 16oz 4pk

4 pack of 16 oz cans
ABV 4.30%

Over the last 40 years, the billionaire class grew their wealth while the working class scraped by, paycheck to paycheck, just trying to survive.
In 2023, labor unions stood up and said “enough is enough!” The Teamsters won a historic new contract with UPS, and the United Autoworkers Union pushed through a huge 25% wage increase, among many other nationwide victories.
Organized labor has proven time and time again how important they are in lifting up working families and providing them economic stability.
This easy-drinking lager is a tribute to labor unions and the working men and women that belong to them.

Beer Orders Require (3) 4pk minimums. Mix of variants allowed

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