Collection: Rainbow Land Collection

Rainbow Land products are made with 100% love and 5% protest. (In Rainbow Land, accurate math is less important than beautiful rainbows.)

Rainbow Land was first painted onto a dumpster enclosure in the Minocqua Brewing Company parking lot in protest to the political harassment we were receiving for – dun dun dunnnn – not enclosing our dumpster. This colorful protest brought together Ron (The Most Interesting Man in the World), Carpenter Brian, and Season the Artist. Together, they created Rainbow Land (also lovingly referred to as The Freedomster), filling it with vibrant pine trees, angel wings, unicorns, and llamas in party hats.

We think rainbows are a wonderful symbol of love, acceptance and equality, and we created this non-alcoholic, kid friendly beverage with bright hopes for a future where every child (and adult) feels safe, loved, and free to be themselves.