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Grateful Fred Red Ale, 16oz 4pk

Grateful Fred Red Ale, 16oz 4pk

Red Ale
4 pack of 16 oz cans
ABV 5.00%

After three years of being denied an outdoor space to serve beer to our customers by the Town of Minocqua and Oneida County, we hired an attorney with bright red hair named Fred Melms to fight back. Immediately after he sued them in federal court for political harassment, the county folded and we got our beer garden.
Amazed by this auburn-tinted Jedi mind-trick on our MAGA overlords, we decided to memorialize Fred’s achievement by making him a beer.
We asked our fans to come up with a name, and aside from “Fred’s Beer,” which actually got a lot of votes, it became a toss- up between “Irrepressible Ginger” and “Grateful Fred.” We decided on the latter given the psychedelic nature of Fred’s invisible chokehold on our oppressors and the immense can design opportunities.
So thanks, Fred. Here’s a malty red ale for you and for everyone who is grateful that a salty, malty, and slightly psychedelic ginger ninja has our backs.

Beer Orders Require (3) 4pk minimums. Mix of variants allowed

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