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Minocqua Brewing Company

Dark Brandon Espresso Stout, 16oz 4pk

Dark Brandon Espresso Stout, 16oz 4pk

Espresso Stout
4 pack of 16 oz cans
ABV 6.00%

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Dark Brandon.
It all began in October, 2021, when a sports reporter tried to misdirect a crowd’s profanity against President Biden at the Talladega Racetrack by telling the TV audience they were instead shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” in support of a driver with the same name.
Then, after a string of policy wins and Biden’s strategic use of the word “malarkey” when relating to some of the most ludicrous MAGA characters in Congress, our president’s alter-ego, “Dark Brandon,” was born.
Instead of eschewing the limelight and humbly working behind the scenes to solve America’s problems, Dark Brandon harnesses the power of storm clouds to vanquish the evil that attempts to harm our country, both from outside our borders and from within.
Similarly, our Dark Brandon Espresso Stout aims to vanquish your taste buds by harnessing the electricity of Madison’s award-winning Rusty Dog Coffee, and packing a strength only found among super heroes.

Beer Orders Require (3) 4pk minimums. Mix of variants allowed

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