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Biden Beer Kolsch, 16oz 4pk

Biden Beer Kolsch, 16oz 4pk

4 pack of 16 oz cans
ABV 5.00%

Reintroducing Biden Beer: Inoffensive and Not Bitter.

We introduced #BidenBeer to the world immediately after Biden won the 2020 presidential election. This cheeky little Kolsch made national news and allowed our almost-bankrupt little company to rise again from Covid-induced ashes.

Its tagline, "Inoffensive and Not Bitter," was funny because we believed the motivation to vote for Biden was just that--he was gonna be GOOD ENOUGH to save our country from Trump.

4 years later, that tagline still works. 

The last four years haven't been all peaches and cream. The Biden administration hasn't hit every to-do item on the progressive punch list, and they definitely haven't made everyone under the large Democratic umbrella happy with their stance on the Israel/Palestine war, but when we imaging the alternative, holy cow...

...Biden is GOOD ENOUGH to save us from Trump a second time!

Inoffensive and not bitter. That seems to be about as good as we're gonna get until we can rid ourselves of the MAGA movement forever.

And for this upcoming Summer, a good, easy drinking Kolsch will suit almost every occasion JUST FINE

Beer Orders Require (3) 4pk minimums. Mix of variants allowed

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