You Really Shouldn't Miss John Primer Play on May 29 in Custer, WI

You Really Shouldn't Miss John Primer Play on May 29 in Custer, WI

Before Minocqua’s town leaders and police department handed their brains over to the Trump cult, we actually got along quite well.

In fact, the Minocqua Brewing Company organized a weekly music festival called “Party in the Park” where we had a different band play every Sunday, a different non-profit sell concessions, and a bunch of businesses who chipped in to provide funding because it was good for the community.

The most popular band we had each summer was John Primer and his Real Deal Blues Band. Primer is a bona fide Blues legend--earning 2 Grammy Award nominations, 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards, inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, and on and on.

We never quite figured out how the heck we were able to get him to come play in little old Minocqua, but we think he liked it up here and knew Northern Wisconsin was starved for his quality of music. Regardless, this man gave us a Blues EDUCATION every time he graced our stage.

Well since the #boycottminocqua town elders in all their wisdom decided to hurt their own tourist economy and deprive their own citizens of world class entertainment by forbidding us to hold our day-long music festival on our own property, Central Wisconsin is all the richer.

John Primer will be headlining the first stop on the Inoculation Emancipation Tour at Clancy’s Stone Lion in Custer this Saturday, May 29th, starting at 5:30 pm. Here’s the entire musical line-up:

11-12:30: Brother's Burn Mountain
1-2:30: David Deon and the Soul Inspirations
3-4:30: The Kim Wasserburger Band
5:30-7: John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band

And although this musical line up is the best we’ve ever put together, we can’t forget about the fact that the wonderful nurses from Family Health La Clinica will be vaccinating folks in our FREE “Shot and a Beer” tent from 11am-3pm.
Yes, this party is all about rewarding those who have already gotten vaccinated and encouraging those that are on the fence to take the plunge and get that “Fauci Ouchie.” Anyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated yet can get a free “1 and done” Johnson and Johnson vaxx along with a free can of beer.

This “Shot and a Beer” tent will be outside of the main music/beer/food area reserved for those who have been fully vaccinated plus two weeks for full protection. Remember you’ll have to show proof of vaccination plus two weeks to get into the party.

And finally, if you want to help sponsor a free beer to those getting vaxxed, please buy our Official Inoculation Emancipation Merch here:
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