Up North Podcast Episode 3:  Trails and Tribulations

Up North Podcast Episode 3: Trails and Tribulations

Yes, it's Saturday morning, and that means the Up North Podcast has been released to the world.
Why Saturday? because the #upnorth ritual is to drive up here on Friday after work, get your #fishfry, have a couple or three too many old fashioneds, then get up late in your cabin by the lake the next day.
So why not listen to the Up North Podcast while having that first cup of coffee and clearing the cobwebs from your mind?
Our owner Kirk Bangstad has teamed up with Pat Kreitlow at

and Kristen Brey at for this weekly podcast that chews on Wisconsin news through a uniquely progressive Northern Wisconsin lens.
This week, they had Bob Kovar on the show, who talked about an issue that gets a lot of people riled up in the #northwoods, ATV trails.They also shook their heads at our Congressman's crazy listening session in Hudson and talked about what we think about voucher schools #upnorth in preparation for next Tuesday's election.
Take a listen, and if you'd like to be reminded to watch the show each week, shoot us your email on provided on the link to watch.
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