Traitor Tom Tiffany Raised only $27k Last Quarter.  Let's Keep the Pressure On!

Traitor Tom Tiffany Raised only $27k Last Quarter. Let's Keep the Pressure On!

Alright folks,

The first quarter of 2021 has come and gone, meaning we’re starting to see the campaign finance reports of our treasonous U.S. Senator and Congressman, Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany.

We’ll get to Ron Johnson in a week or so, but we’re going to focus on Tom Tiffany today.

Now before we explain the results, let’s remember what Tom Tiffany has done to our country and Wisconsin since he’s been in office.

--He signed a brief supporting Texas’ lawsuit against Wisconsin to invalidate our votes in the presidential election, the same votes that elected him into congress. This, along with his rhetoric in many speeches after the election, supported the BIG LIE that the presidential election was rigged which fomented the insurrection on January 6.

--He voted against the certification of Biden’s electoral votes 2 days after the January 6 insurrection against his own government that killed and injured capitol police officers and threatened his own life, along with the lives of all his congressional colleagues.

After these two events, the center right-leaning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel penned an editorial calling for Tom Tiffany, Ron Johnson, and Scott Fitzgerald to resign or be expelled for siding with Trump against our republic.

At the same time, the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC made it our goal to do everything in our power to remove Tom Tiffany and Ron Johnson from office, and decided one way to do it was to expose the people who donated to these guys in Northern Wisconsin by asking you to boycott the companies at which they worked until they pledged never to donate to these traitors again.

Why did we focus on blaming the companies for helping these traitors get in office instead of the individual donors who worked at those companies? Because the individual donors almost always either owned these companies, were on their management teams, or were doctors within their medical group. They LEAD these companies and their wealth stems from their success. Rich people often don’t care if their names are dragged through the mud, but they ALWAYS care if they lose money, so hurting their companies is the ONLY way to make them listen.

And we will always remember that the horrible Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision determined that “corporations were people,” which allowed them to flood our politics with money to influence elections and “own” our representatives. If corporations are people, then the actual people who run those corporations, in our opinion, “are” the corporation, and if they donate to traitors, then entire corporation should be punished.

Well, after we published the list of corporations that donated to Tiffany and Johnson through their leaders, you guys went to WORK.

And it was awesome to watch.

You pulled your money out of Incredible Bank, you left Aspirus for the Marshfield Clinic (when possible), and you called law firm Hupy and Abraham and told them you’d never hire them to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit.

And guess what, nobody from those three companies donated to Tiffany in the last three months. In fact, barely anyone donated to him in the last three months. Tom Tiffany only raised $27,050!

In a time when you need at least $1 Million to run for congress, raising only $27K in three months is pretty weak.

Now we’re not going to pat ourselves on the back quite yet, because seemingly the worst time to try to raise money for your next election is immediately after the last one, but $27K is really a paltry sum.

So while we’re happy to announce Tom Tiffany looks weakened at the moment (because if you can’t be punished after betraying your own country then we’re doomed as a nation) there was one company that donated almost half of his total haul in this time period—Uline, run by Liz and Dick Uihlein.

These two donated $11,600 to Tom in the last three months, and for that, we will never forgive them. It’s one thing to donate to a guy running for congress before he commits treason, it’s another level of evil to donate to the guy after he undermines American democracy.

So for this, we’re asking you to bombard the Uline company with calls and emails, and boycott them forever.

Although Uline’s headquarters is in Southeastern Wisconsin, they have a large warehouse in Hudson and basically "own" the town of Manitowish Waters Up North, so it’s our responsibility to do our part to stop them.

They sell stuff like boxes and other supplies to businesses, and while they’re probably too big for us to truly hurt through a boycott, knowing that they’ve done such a terrible thing as donating to a traitor is half the battle.

If you order stuff through the Uline catalog, it’s time for you to stop doing that, for the sake of our country.

And you need to spread the word to your friends to stop buying stuff from them. And if you call and email them enough, they’ll know that they pissed off a lot of people and might reconsider donating to Tiffany again. We know they probably won’t stop donating to Republicans, but MAYBE they’ll stop donating to traitors.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for continuing to care about Wisconsin. We promise to keep beating the drum get rid of Wisconsin’s traitors.

And if you appreciate us beating that drum, just keep on buying our #progessivebeer, merch, or donate straight to the Super PAC.

Cheers to making Wisconsin politics as clean as our lakes and streams, one beer at a time.

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