To Avoid another Rittenhouse Acquittal, Wisconsin Must Change Its Legislature

To Avoid another Rittenhouse Acquittal, Wisconsin Must Change Its Legislature

Hi folks,

We're still feeling pretty upset by the Rittenhouse acquittal, but that doesn't mean we can't try to figure out what we can do as a state to reduce acts of foolhardy, toxic-masculine vigilantism steeped in racism that result in people being shot and killed.

Last Wednesday when recording the Up North Podcast before the acquittal, Pat, Sarah, and Kirk spoke to the District Attorney of Portage County, Louis Molepske, and Keith Findley, a UW-Madison Law School Professor, about the Rittenhouse case.

Among other issues, both guests discussed how hard it is under Wisconsin law to prosecute someone who claims self-defense, and just how easy Wisconsin has made it for people to carry semi-automatic weapons (which are completely unnecessary for hunting) around in public.

If we had anything other than one of the most dysfunctional and gerrymandered state legislatures in the U.S., we'd call for them to strengthen laws against vigilantism and pass common sense gun control laws favored by 2 out of 3 Americans.

But alas, we know they'll do nothing because the entrenched gerrymandered Republican majority doesn't care what their constituents want.

They only serve their masters--the 1% and corporations, that fund their campaigns.

And so you know where that leads us?

We must demand fair maps and vote for sane progressives in 2022 in order to get our state back.

The Minocqua Brewing Company and Super PAC are gonna keep fighting for sanity, and we promise not to give up on this state as long as you don't either.

Arm in arm, we're going to make Wisconsin respectable again, one beer at a time.

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