The First Hundred Days-ish Report

The First Hundred Days-ish Report

Hi Everyone,

We want to apologize up front for sending two mass posts out in two days, but as we said yesterday, there’s a lot of activity at the Super PAC due to the end of the quarter filings by our main targets, Tom Tiffany and Ron Johnson.
And the Super PAC is kinda why we sell the beer. We know its unusual, but we're actually making beer in order to help fund our mission to Make Wisconsin Great Again.
Yesterday was an important post because we asked you to boycott the Uline company for donating almost half of the money our congressman Tom Tiffany raised in the last three months after committing treason against his own country in the events leading up to and after the insurrection of January 6.
What we wanted to do to today was let you know why we do what we do and what we’re planning to do, because many of you have donated to help us do these things:)
It’s like our “First 100 days-ish” report.
Our main goal has always been to “make politics Up North as clean as our lakes and streams,” but of course that’s more of a slogan than a plan of action. Here’s what that means in practice:
--We are focused like a laser beam on getting rid of Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Tom Tiffany.

--We want the state government to work for this half of the state again, and that means we have to show voters up here how the state Republican Party has become a useless culture war cult owned by lobbyists and completely unresponsive to their constituents.

This is how we're meeting these goals:

--We’re blowing up Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany on billboards, tv, and radio every time they do truly awful things so that those watching Fox News up here CAN’T avoid the truth.

--We’re promoting Up North News, a progressive alternative news source in this area, and we’ve created the Up North Podcast, a looser and funnier progressive podcast, so that voters up here have the ability to access facts instead of the misinformation spewed by our wacky local right wing rags.

--We’re waging war on gerrymandering, because we can’t get rid of Tiffany or make Republicans more responsive to voters until there’s Fair Maps across the state and they actually need to compete in order to win elections.

That’s our strategy and we’re executing on every piece pretty well, but there’s one challenge that is hard to overcome, and it’s the lying Republicans do around Fair Maps.

We know they cheated a decade ago in a dark room with software that drew district lines optimized for Republican victory, and a court just caught them cheating with our tax money last week, but when we tell voters to call their Republican legislators to demand Fair Maps, this is what they hear:

"Of course we're in favor of fair maps, that's why we abide by the state constitution and let the legislature draw the lines"

This response is slimy, slippery, and an absolute lie, but because most Wisconsinites are nice and trusting, that’s as far as the conversation goes, with the voter thinking they’ve done their civic duty by calling their legislator and ending up unsure whether there’s an actual problem.

In short, the messaging around Fair Maps is complicated, because the slogan in and of itself doesn’t tell the whole story. We have to engage voters for a LITTLE BIT LONGER to explain why it’s the Republicans who are cheating and how they’re doing it.

And this is why it costs $30K to call 20,000 voters in bigger northern cities like Wausau, Rhinelander, and Hudson. While this type of work could be done by volunteer phone bankers, it is more effective to hire a team of community organizers who are trained to have conversations that help educate and persuade voters to find the truth.

This is why we partnered with Citizen Action of Wisconsin, who’s bread and butter is phone banking for important causes like Fair Maps, and this is why we’re asking you do donate the BIG BUCKS for these phone calls.

Because they're working, and because we want to call more voters.
We'd love your help in raising another $30K for this project, and we've already raised over $15K in the last few weeks. The easiest way for you to help is to buy our Fair Maps IPA or associated Merchandise, because 5% of those profits go towards this cause.
If you want more of your dollars going directly to this cause, you don’t have to buy anything and can donate directly to the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC here.
If you HATE Super PACs and don’t trust us, then by all means donate directly to Citizen Action of Wisconsin here: This link is coded so that your donation will go directly to fund this project.
So that's our "first 100 day-ish" update and our entreaty for some more shekels. Thanks for your help.
Cheers to making Wisconsin Great Again, one beer at a time.
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