Thanks Senator Baldwin for Bringing #kamalabeer to Our Favorite Veep's Dinner Party

Thanks Senator Baldwin for Bringing #kamalabeer to Our Favorite Veep's Dinner Party

Folks, we made it into the national news again yesterday. Our beloved Senator Tammy Baldwin brought #kamalabeer to an all-female Senator dinner held by Vice President Harris and apparently that was cool news to the nationwide political media outlet “Politico.”

Read the story here:

What also happened yesterday was that the vote to declare Juneteenth, the day that commemorates the emancipation of slaves in the US, a federal holiday, was passed resoundingly by 415-14 in the House of Representatives.

Of course it should pass resoundingly. Who in their right mind would vote against commemorating the end of slavery?

Our Congressman, Tom Tiffany, that’s who. One of the 14 racists that voted against this bill was our very own Toxic Tom Tiffany. Northern Wisconsin, does vote represent who we are?

No, it doesn’t.

So while we’re ecstatic that our beer is making its way into the most powerful halls of government, we’re not forgetting our mission, which is to rid Northern Wisconsin of the awful politicians we have representing us, including Tom Tiffany, Ron Johnson, and all our cowardly state representatives that do the bidding of Speaker Robin Vos instead of protect their constituents.

Please remember that 5% of all of our profits are donated to the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC, and God willing, one beer at a time, that money will help make Wisconsin great again.

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