Sundays are for Resting, Boating, and a Lil' Sarcasm

Sundays are for Resting, Boating, and a Lil' Sarcasm

Hi Everyone,
Seeing as this is the 4th mass email I’ve sent in 8 days, I figured it might be time to give everyone a much-needed break from long-winded diatribes and instead go boating with my friend Tracy and my lawyer, Fred.
Speaking of Fred, I decided to make another batch of “Grateful Fred Red Ale,” the beer bearing his namesake, because he has been a true mensch over the last few months. You can get it on draft in our Madison tap room, and it will be available again in cans by mid-July.   

Here’s something else you’ll enjoy.
While I’m truly serious about suing the Ole’ Boys Network in Minocqua and Oneida County to stop them from harassing us once and for all, and I’m also  VERY serious about doing whatever it takes to beat Trump in November, my creative team has had a few moments of levity over the last few weeks.
Basically, whenever I’m feeling a little squeezed, I feel the need to laugh a little bit at the ridiculous situations I’ve gotten myself into.
So last week, I met with Mike and Tony—the super-creative owner of Raygun T-shirts, (my merch partner) and my graphic designer—and we came up with a few t-shirts that poked fun at all the times I’ve been hauled into court or into zoning meetings over the last few months. 
They’re available online now, and we should be getting a bunch of these into the both our Minocqua and Madison Tap Rooms in a few weeks.

Buy Our New Line of Litigation T-Shirts Here

Not only did we create a bunch of new t-shirts, but I also felt that since these Ole’ Boys were so intent on silencing my progressive voice in Minocqua, we probably needed to put up ANOTHER billboard in their backyards that looked A LOT like the one we just put up in downtown Milwaukee that protested the RNC convention.

This billboard is on Highway 51 between Wausau and Minocqua (just north of hwy J in Irma), which is one of the main arteries that thousands of tourists take when they vacation “Up North.”
Let’s just say the location is pretty good, and given that you’ve collectively donated a lot of money to help us fight back against our Town and County over the last few weeks, this billboard is “on the house!” 

However, if you'd like to buy the yard sign version, here's the link.
Have a great Sunday everyone, and I promise to leave you alone next week.

Kirk Bangstad
Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company
Founder, Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

Donate Here to Help Us Sue Oneida County in Federal Court and Stop Their Endless Harassment of the Minocqua Brewing Company Once and For All (and hey, we just gave you an anti-Trump billboard "on the house,' so...)

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