Northwoods Republicans Playing Politics with Our Health

Northwoods Republicans Playing Politics with Our Health

So we just delivered #progressivebeer across the state and its gonna be another two weeks before the next batch is ready, so we figured we'd focus our attention on Wisconsin Politics and engage our crack team of MBC Super PAC political watchdogs to take on another battle. Here goes:

The Wisconsin Republican majority legislature is again screwing Wisconsinites in plain sight, but because this issue is now a decade old, the warriors fighting for the little guys are weary from beating their heads against a wall so the issue isn’t getting enough press.

But this issue, above many others, shows plainly that even when it comes to matters of life and death, these guys are willing to put politics above their constituents.

And we HAVE to keep talking about it.

As you might have guessed, we’re talking about Medicaid expansion.

The federal Covid 19 relief bill passed by Congress a few weeks ago would provide Wisconsin over $1.6 Billion in healthcare savings IF we expanded Badgercare. Mind you, this $1.6 Billion in savings would be on top of the estimated $320 Million in savings Wisconsin would have gotten by expanding Badgercare WITHOUT the stimulus money.

But this cult party beholden to the rich and fueled by conspiracy theories refused, as they have for an entire decade, even when 39 states have taken that money (including Washington DC), including every single one of our neighbors.

You read that right, 39 states have expanded their versions of Medicaid, giving them access to Billions of federal dollars, but our recalcitrant Republican majority instead prefers to fiddle while Rome is burning.

Republicans are refusing to accept our own federal tax dollars, a giant slap in the face to all Wisconsinites and an act of cruelty now compounded by 10 years.

We’re running radio ads throughout the #northwoods making sure that voters know who to blame when they can’t afford healthcare during a pandemic.

Please listen on the radio or share these ads widely:

-Wausau: WAVL Radio asking voters to call Jerry Petrowski, Pat Snyder, and John Spiros.

-Rhinelander: WRJO Radio asking voters to call Mary Felzkowski and Covid Swamp Monster Rob Swearingen.

-Hudson: WDGY Radio asking voters to call Rob Stafsholt and Shannon Zimmerman.

If these guys don’t accept this money, as they haven’t for the last decade, we must hold them accountable by removing them from office in the next election.

Neighbors #upnorth, we can't stand for this anymore. We must wake up and realize our reps don't give a crap about us and throw them out.

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