Minocqua Town Board: "No Vaccination Party Allowed on Your Own Property"

Minocqua Town Board: "No Vaccination Party Allowed on Your Own Property"

Yesterday the Minocqua Town Board Chairman and Clerk told us we couldn’t have an Inoculation Party on our own property.

We took a picture of the email and pasted it below. It’s a bit of a word salad, so we’ll translate for you.

--Our Tap Room, because OBNOM (Old Boys Network of Minocqua) acolytes Charlie Miller and Boathouse owner Bill Fricke refused to demolish the building on the property required for closing in the beginning of March as promised (because they didn’t like our politics), which delayed the closing for two months, is not up to code and thus we can’t legally sell beer out of it until we get it up to code.

--We asked the Town to give us a variance because we don’t need to use the building anyway, we just want to put up a tent, stage, a few portable toilets, and have a party to celebrate vaccination. They said no. And if you missed it the first time, this building is OUR OWN PROPERTY.

--We then submitted a picnic license application under our Super PAC, because non-profits (Super PACs are kinda non-profits because they don’t make profits, but not officially) are allowed to apply for a 1-time ability to sell beer for parties. They said our organization doesn’t qualify, giving no real legal reason, just word salad.

--We asked, since they wouldn’t let us use OUR OWN PROPERTY to have this party, if we could have it at Torpy Park, a large grassy area in the middle of town. Although the park is NOT CURRENTLY RESERVED on the 29th for use, they said no because we would be limiting the party to only those who are vaccinated. Really? Because trying to keep everyone safe by requiring vaccination to party in public is exclusionary?

--We have contacted our partners Citizens Action of Wisconsin, a LEGITIMATE non-profit, to apply on our behalf to hold a party ON OUR OWN PROPERTY, but the word salad reply says they will be rejected out-of-hand as well, but gives no legal reason.

Thanks for nothing, Minocqua.

Don’t worry, this party is gonna happen somewhere, because celebrating vaccination and overcoming the misinformation that scares people into not getting vaccinated is THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

But we’re going to ask you, Wisconsin, to let our town board Chairman Mark Hartzeim know how you feel about the reactionary obstruction he and the board have displayed for the last year against anything that would keep people safer during a pandemic. Here’s his email: chairman@townofminocqua.org

Please email him and encourage him and the board to change their minds on letting us incentivize people to get vaccinated before they vacation in the Northwoods, to keep everyone safer, on OUR OWN PROPERTY.
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