Minocqua Brewing Company Endorses Dr. Gillian Battino for State Treasurer

Minocqua Brewing Company Endorses Dr. Gillian Battino for State Treasurer

Hi friends,

Today is usually the day we post about the Up North Podcast, but Pat, Kristin, and Kirk took the last week off, so this is the perfect opportunity for the Minocqua Brewing Company to endorse Dr. Gillian Battino for State Treasurer in the Democratic Primary.

The job of State Treasurer is a bit obscure, and to be honest, other than doing what treasurers seemingly do--like hold the money--we honestly don't know how much power the state treasurer has.

But we do know one thing. Any power that the modern day Republican Party (which is a cult of personality based on a lie) grabs, is eventually twisted to undermine our institutions, our votes, and the lives of regular Wisconsinites for the benefit of themselves and the rich.

So for that reason, EVERY state office is an important office.

We also know that this position has recently become a stepping stone for up-and-coming Wisconsin politicians to get larger statewide recognition.

Many of you know that Sarah Godlewski, our current State Treasurer, is now running for U.S. Senate. Wisconsin was able to learn how classy and brilliant she was for the last 4 years while she went across the state "treasurer-ing."

So why are we endorsing Dr. Battino?

For a lot of reasons.

First, it's wonderful that a medical doctor who understands how broken our healthcare system is and how the politics of Covid alienated our essential healthcare community is willing to put her hat in the ring.

We spoke with Dr. Battino, and like many of us who were almost broken by Covid, she mentioned how dealing with patients who had turned away from scientific truth and no longer took their doctor's advice was a big reason why she decided to enter politics.

Medicine and medical expertise was politicized and undermined. And THAT IS A PROBLEM.

Second, Dr. Battino is from Wausau, and it seems like almost every other Democratic candidate running for statewide office is from Southern Wisconsin.

Too often, we progressives in Central and Northern Wisconsin have been left hanging by a party that never quite has enough money or resources for our part of the state.

How many times have we heard--"But the state wins or loses based on how the counties next to Milwaukee or Madison vote! We've gotta spend EVERY LAST DOLLAR WE RAISE down there."

So when a brilliant progressive Doc from Wausau comes along running for for state office, we're gonna give her the nod.

Our Wisconsin politicians HAVE TO UNDERSTAND what we're facing up here. There are large swaths of this part of the state who STILL want to decertify the 2020 election results, our rural schools are vastly underfunded, many of our school boards are run by nut-jobs, and our WIFI sucks!

So Wisconsin Democrats, many of whom follow our Soash Meeds, take a look at Dr. Battino in the next month before the primary, and give her your vote.

Here's her website--you can learn more about her and donate to her campaign if you'd like:


And lastly, why the HECK would a brewery endorse a political candidate?

If you have to ask, you haven't been keeping up with the Minocqua Brewing Company;)

Cheers to making Wisconsin a Democracy Again, One Beer at a Time!

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