Minocqua Brewing Company Endorses Deb McGrath for Congress

Minocqua Brewing Company Endorses Deb McGrath for Congress

So the Minocqua Brewing Company is USUALLY NOT in the Democratic Primary endorsement business.

We try to be cheerleaders for all progressives, and reserve our ire for the Trump cult trying to undermine our democracy.

That being said, there’s a Democratic Primary we can’t ignore because it’s in our neck of the woods. It’s the 3rd Congressional District which includes Eau Claire, La Crosse, and Stevens Point. Why would it include all these cities which are nowhere near each other? Because it has been gerrymandered in the most heinous way to capture blue-leaning college towns.

This district was gerrymandered because Ron Kind, a democrat, was already a popular congressman in 2010 and Republicans wanted to pack a bunch of democrats in his district so they could turn the 7th Congressional District into a lopsided Republican stronghold.

Well fast-forward to 2020 and a lot of people in the 3rd Congressional District moved to the Madison or Green Bay areas, so it is now in limbo, arguably the only one that will be a swing district in Wisconsin if the Republicans are successful in their attempts at gerrymandering this state again for another decade.

Ron Kind announced his retirement early last year, opening the door for a nail-biter in the next election.

So this brings us all up-to-date. If you’re a Democrat in America, you don’t want to see this district fall into Republican hands, especially because the Republican running for this seat was actually AT THE CAPITOL ON JANUARY 6 trying to overthrow our government.

It’s true, you can look that up.

So in our opinion, there’s a FANTASTIC Democrat running for this seat that we want to direct your attention to, and that the Minocqua Brewing Company is OFFICIALLY ENDORSING TODAY.

Her name is Deb McGrath.

In a world where one party is hellbent on undermining democracy, Deb is perfectly suited to stop them. Why?

She was a CIA AGENT.


Yes, it's true. We’ve got a lady running for congress whose sole purpose in life was to stop terrorists, and she’s running against a DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

HELL YES, she’s obviously the right candidate for this district.

She’s not only a former CIA agent and Army veteran, she’s Wisconsin political royalty. Her father was Al Baldus, who served as the congressman in the SAME DISTRICT.

In a world where many democratic candidates in swing states hold their finger up to see which way the wind is blowing, and then say whatever they think needs to be said to make the most people happy, we think Deb McGrath is cut from different cloth. She’s not a career politician, she’s not wishy washy, she’s a gosh-darn warrior.

Folks, this is a no-brainer, but the Democratic primary has 5 contenders, meaning that Deb needs people to contribute to her campaign to break through this crowded field so she can stare down the miscreant on the other side.

Congressional races are painful because these districts are too big to just walk from door to door and introduce yourself. You need a lot of money to buy TV ads and get your name out there, but most people won’t think about who is running for congress because they will be focused on re-electing Governor Evers or bouncing Rojo, so it’s really hard to raise money.

By endorsing Deb now, we hope our audience will take notice of her and this race. It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that the U.S. Congress not lose our democratic majority in 2022, because if it does, there’s an argument to be made that a Republican majority congress simply won’t certify a legitimately elected Democratic president in 2024. They’re THAT nuts.

That’s why this race in the 3rd CD is important, and we can’t leave it up to amateurs to run. Let’s let the CIA agent handle this one.

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