Minocqua Brewing Company can Now Deliver to all of Southern Wisconsin

Minocqua Brewing Company can Now Deliver to all of Southern Wisconsin

Ok Southern Wisconsin, we can now deliver to ALL of you. We've finally made enough beer and have enough drivers to add more retail partners.

That means we can now add more stores in #Madison and #Milwaukee, and also can start adding stores in #Kenosha, #Racine, #Janesville, #Beloit, #WestBend, and all the places in between.

Here's how the magic happens:) Because of our politics, we don't have statewide distribution (the story on how that fell through is a wild one), meaning that our beer can't just magically appear in every store you want it to. We need your help to get it to your favorite liquor/grocery store, restaurant, or bar. If you want it, you'll need to ask for it and tell the person that buys beer for that establishment to reach out to us. They can either message us on FB or email info@minocquabrewingcompany.com.

You guys have made this all happen, from those early days when we put an Avery label that said #BidenBeer on a crowler and you drove 4 hours to buy it, from getting our first start at a few stores in Madison and Milwaukee, to the LDF tribe saving us and carrying it at their store when OBNOM put up roadblocks.

When we needed help, we put it out to the world on Facebook, and you came through.

We really appreciate the support and promise to give back the love in the form of good beer and our work to make Northern Wisconsin more progressive-- thus helping to make Wisconsin solidly progressive and no longer elect embarrassing nut jobs like Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany.
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