List of Northern Wisconsin Companies Who Donated to Traitor Tom Tiffany

List of Northern Wisconsin Companies Who Donated to Traitor Tom Tiffany

Alright, it’s time for our 6-month run down on the businesses from Northern Wisconsin that donated money to Tom Tiffany, our congressman who wants to burn America to the ground with lies, misinformation, racism, obstruction, and ineptitude.

Let’s face it. Inside a party that has wholly given itself over to Russian-learned psychological warfare against its own citizens, Tom Tiffany is one of their worst acolytes.

And yet there are still companies that you do business with that have donated to him in the last six months.

Now before we get sued for defamation (again), let us remind you that these companies are not physically handing over checks to Tom Tiffany, their executives are personally donating.

We couldn’t care less.

As we’ve said a LOT, if the Supreme Court is going to rule that corporations are PEOPLE in the catastrophic Citizens United case, then we’re going to blame companies whose main PEOPLE within them choose to prop of a traitor to our country.

So here’s a few highlights on this list.

The Uline Corporation

It doesn’t exist solely in Northern Wisconsin, but has factories up here, and they’re a perennial Tiffany donor. There are SO MANY other ways to buy your boxes and office furniture.

We recommend using that Uline brochure as kindling and never buy anything from them again.

Incredible Bank

Apparently the Nicklaus family who owns the bank doubled down in the last 6 months and donated over $11K to Tiffany. The Minocqua Brewing Company got our SBA loan from them in 2016. Think about that. The bank that gives loans to small businesses in a largely tourist community full of restaurants and bars has owners that donate money to the guy that voted against the American rescue plan that saved those restaurants and bars. Screw these guys.

The Nicklaus family would rather ride the coattails of a traitor who might get them special treatment someday than embrace the rule of law.

That’s pretty short-term thinking. There’s winners and losers in banana republics, even in the banking industry. Who do you think is gonna win when corruption rules our country? Incredible Bank or Goldman Sachs?

So we emphasize this. If you currently have your money in Incredible Bank and care about your country, you should take it out.

Wausau Homes

We get it, they’re pre-fabricated inexpensive homes, and owning a home is a good thing. Too bad these guys are supporting Tom Tiffany, who could CARE LESS about the middle class folks trying to buy an affordable home in their target market.

Don’t Buy Wausau Homes if you can find an alternative for a similar price.

Brickner’s Car Dealership in Wausau

This one is easy. If the owner of Brickner’s is going to donate to a guy doing the bidding of millionaires who buy Porche’s instead of helping regular people who buy the Chryslers, Dodges and Rams that he sells, screw him.

Don’t buy/lease your a car from Brickner’s. There's plenty of alternatives in Central Wisconsin


Darn these guys tick us off. Yes, certain doctors at Aspirus care more about their paychecks and Qanon than the science that is the basis for their entire profession. Although we personally have much animus towards Incredible Bank because we used to work with them, the fact that Aspirus STILL doesn’t publicly disavow the doctors who donate to a Covid denier might make them the worst on this list.

If you’ve got a choice on where you get your healthcare, and seemingly you do in the Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Health, don’t use Aspirus for your healthcare needs.

Tom Tiffany is the worst of what Wisconsin has become, and the rich people who own these businesses on our list are propping him up. We have to vote with our pocketbooks to show these people that although they’re personally the rich elite in Wisconsin, their businesses will suffer until they listen to their customers who depend on average paychecks to make ends meet.
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