Let's Avoid Becoming a Mad Max Movie

Let's Avoid Becoming a Mad Max Movie

Hi Folks,

Last week, President Biden called the fight against restrictive voting laws the “most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War,” and directed furious ire at those continuing to spread the “Big Lie” that Trump won the presidential election with the question-- “have you no shame?”

We know the answer to that. They don’t.

Two of America’s worst “Big Liars” are Wisconsin’s own Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Tom Tiffany. They, along with the spineless Republican rubber-stamping automatons in our state legislature, have joined the chorus to suppress our vote because they know conspiracy theories alone can’t manifest electoral victories.

Voting is how we avoid civil war. Instead of fighting each other in a “Mad Max”-like Hobbesian dystopia, we cast ballots. Voting is the root of civilized society. Nothing is more important than fair elections, and they’re trying to take that away.

What do you think will happen if they take voting away from us? The obvious and terrifying answer is civil war.

So we have to fight against that. Progressives have to fight, parents have to fight, students have to fight, small businesses have to fight, and yes, breweries have to fight.

We hope our loud voice joining Wisconsin’s Fair Maps Coalition to end the gerrymandering that enabled a lunatic like Tiffany to represent us makes a difference when the new decade-long lines are drawn later this year, but we can’t count on that.

Given the infuriating trepidation of the few Democratic U.S. senators who refuse to kill the filibuster and pass voting protections (Manchin/Sinema), the uncertainty we have of our state and federal courts to rule impartially on gerrymandering after having been unfairly packed with conservatives, and the short-sighted defensive posture our own state Democratic party too-often takes that translates into zero funding for progressives #upnorth, we have to assume we’re on our own.

And that’s why the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC exists. We’ve raised over $200K so far to help fight for oft-forgotten progressives in Northern Wisconsin, and our latest campaign is to raise $40,000 to fund a community organizer to help recruit and train progressives to run in county board elections next Spring.

The best way fight back is to build a local progressive bench of county board supervisors throughout Northern Wisconsin who will ultimately be ready to run for state and federal office when the time is right, and we need your help to build that bench.

We’ve partnered with a group called Wisconsin Progress that specializes in candidate training and recruitment and together, we raised a total of $7,000 in last week's launch email. Once we hit the $20K mark, Wisconsin Progress will start the candidate search.

Please consider donating to this effort. We think it’s important and can help move the needle in this neglected part of Wisconsin.

How do you donate? The easiest way is to simply buy our beer or merchandise. 5% of the profits of everything you buy goes towards our Super PAC, including this effort.

If you want your money to go further, please donate directly to the Super PAC here.

If you hate Super PACs or don’t trust us, please donate directly to Wisconsin Progress here. The link earmarks all money donated to fund this particular position.

Thanks for believing in our shared mission to "Make Wisconsin Great Again, One Beer At A Time"

Kirk Bangstad, Owner of the Minocqua Brewing Company and Super PAC

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