It's Time to Fight for our School Boards and Communities

It's Time to Fight for our School Boards and Communities

Well folks,

The Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC has just embarked on the boldest project we’ve ever taken on—suing every school board in Wisconsin that doesn’t follow CDC guidelines to protect the spread of Covid in schools.

And Wisconsin has taken notice—We've made the news about our first Waukesha lawsuit in WPR, the Milwaukee Journal, the Wausau Pilot and Review , Fox6 Milwaukee, and TMJ4-Milwaukee, among others.

In every interview I did last week for these news outlets and others, I was asked the same questions:

Why is a brewery funding this lawsuit, and why are you focused on Waukesha when your stated goal is to make Northern Wisconsin more progressive?

Here are the answers:

Our Super PAC should NOT be funding these lawsuits. We always thought that our government, the teacher’s union, the ACLU, the hospitals, the nurse’s unions, or any other number of progressive groups or “academies of smart people who understand stuff” should be stepping up to block the alt-right, anti-science, and anti-history nonsense that has overcome school boards across our state.

Wisconsin communities have exploded with the Delta variant because many school districts have dropped all forms of Covid mitigation that were in place last year due to the shrieking hordes of Tucker Carlson-watching zombies separated from their cerebrums and driven only by their lizard brains.

ALL ORGANIZATIONS whose mission is to help kids, teachers, and communities SHOULD BE organizing against this if they aren’t already.

And why Waukesha?

Because we met the plaintiffs in Waukesha first. It’s really as simple as that.

Our goal all along was to bring a class action lawsuit against all school districts in Wisconsin that weren’t protecting kids, teachers, and communities, but we had to start somewhere. We hope that this Waukesha suit is accepted as a class action to cover the entire Federal Eastern Judicial District of Wisconsin and we plan to file another suit in the Western District next week that will hopefully scoop up all the school districts #upnorth, like our neighbors at Lakeland High School (LHS) in Minocqua, where we’ve heard that anyone daring to protect kids and staff from Covid are being railroaded by folks who still have delusions that Trump won the election and who recently got their YouTube epidemiology degrees in “how masks cause carbon dioxide poisoning.”

And what about Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany, our traitorous Senator and Congressman in the #Northwoods who fomented the insurrection against our country on January 6? Aren’t we spreading ourselves too thin by fighting school boards instead of maintaining a laser-like focus on taking them down?

Nope, we raised over $50K two weeks ago specifically by asking people to donate to these lawsuits. Because of that, we believe we’ve been given a mandate to see this project through.

But we’d like to see A LOT more progressive organizations and politicians join us on the battlefield against these wild-eyed regressive school boards.

Why aren’t more groups picking up the ball? We think it’s because folks are building their war chests for the elections in 2022 that could ultimately decide the fate of democracy in Wisconsin and America.

We get it, those elections are existentially important, but conservatives are using these anti-masking and critical race theory school issues to organize their base for the upcoming elections, and we need to realize that every day a school board folds to mouth-breathing lunatics, our democracy gets a little weaker.

It’s not just about collecting money for the next election, it’s about organizing and protecting our democracy every day, no matter if there is an election happening our not.

Sane Wisconsinites and Americans, which is the vast majority of you, I know you’d MUCH RATHER be taking pictures of your kids on their homecoming dates right now than be thinking about politics.

Hell, I’d rather be selling beer or surfing in Costa Rica, but these are extraordinary times in Wisconsin and America, and unless we organize now, we might not have enough power come election time to stave off the lunacy.

What can you do?

  • Take your own school boards to court if your kids are getting sick—you don’t have to wait for us to help you.
  • Organize a recall of the anti-masking nut jobs in your school boards—if they can do it, we can too.
  • Sign up to volunteer for your county Democratic Party organizations.
  • If you lead your county Democratic Party organizations, don’t stare at your belly buttons and have lame meetings--start doing important things like phone banking to convince the silent majority that they need to wake up, and strategize on how to take back your school boards, town boards, and county boards.
  • And finally, make some god-damned NOISE at school board meetings—force the media to SEE YOU TOO, not just the slack-jawed domestic terrorists whose minds have been overtaken by conservative AM radio.

This week, I'm not going to ask you to donate money to our Super PAC, I'm going to ask you to donate your money and TIME to local progressive groups and/or your county Democratic Parties (now if you don’t live in Wisconsin, that’s a different story, we’ll still take your money)

And when you do that, tell them to spend that money NOW to fight against the ridiculous foaming-at-the-mouth free-dumb fighters who listen to Ted Nugent on repeat and collect AR-15s for the upcoming “rapture.”

Now, we don’t want to just talk the talk, we aim to walk the walk as well.

Last week, we donated $12K to the Democratic Party of Oneida County Wisconsin, our own county party, with that exact message.

Read that again, we just donated a lot of money to our own county Democratic Party because they need to start/keep making noise too.

The time to act is not only in 2022. The time is now because we need to protect democracy and sanity itself.

Let’s walk (or sue) arm in arm to make Wisconsin Great Again, and remember to unlock those arms afterwards so we can have a beer together:)

Kirk Bangstad

Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company
Founder, Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC
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