It's High Time the WEC Holds Wisconsin's Fraudulent Electors Accountable

It's High Time the WEC Holds Wisconsin's Fraudulent Electors Accountable

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Now back to the story. If you only have time to read 1 minute of this email, read this next paragraph…

Please email the Wisconsin Elections Commission today and DEMAND that they hold Wisconsin’s fraudulent electors accountable for being part of an attempted coup to re-install Trump as president after he officially lost (over and over again) the presidential race in 2020.

If that paragraph is all you have time for today, then please stop reading right now and shoot that email off because the WEC will be voting on this issue sometime next week and I have a feeling they need to be pushed into making the right decision by a deluge of patriotic Wisconsinites.

Now if you have more time to read today, here's the rest of the story...

Last Monday, a Wisconsin judge ordered the Wisconsin Elections Commission to reconsider a complaint filed against the group of Republicans who “posed” as electors for Donald Trump in 2020 despite Joe Biden's presidential victory in Wisconsin.

Why did a judge need to force the WEC to reconsider their decision?

Because one of those “fraudulent electors,” Bob Spindell, was/is actually a member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission and refused to recuse himself from ruling on that complaint, which effectively got him and the 9 other fraudulent electors off the hook.

It was ridiculous and appalling that Spindell wouldn’t recuse himself, but unsurprising given that rules, laws, class, decorum, and precedent have seemingly all disintegrated within the Republican Party after Trump took over.

So now that Spindell has been forced to recuse himself, the WEC board members who will make the decision on whether to act on this complaint will be comprised of three Democrats and two Republicans.

In theory, because there are a majority of Democrats now making this decision, Wisconsin will FINALLY have the opportunity to hold these people ACCOUNTABLE for being part of a seditious conspiracy to destroy our democracy.

And when I say FINALLY, I say it with a level of exasperation that’s verging on volcanic. I’m sure many of you are with me on this…WHY HAVEN’T THE DEMOCRATS IN POWER HELD TRUMP AND HIS ENABLERS AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS ACCOUNTABLE FOR SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY YET?

It’s been three years, Trump’s running for president again, and nothing has happened to him nor the politicians and fake electors who lied and forged documents to illegally keep him in power.

How long do we need to keep hearing that we need to be patient and let US Attorney General Merrick Garland and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul do their jobs before we come to the inevitable conclusion that they’re NOT DOING THEIR JOBS?

It’s exasperating and completely disheartening to think that the reason this hasn’t happened yet is probably because the chief law enforcement officers in our country and state are too weak, scared, and ambitious to do the right thing.

But I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening. It has become apparent to me that these two men care more about their future careers as a US Supreme Court Justice and Governor, respectively, than to courageously prosecute the ringleaders of the seditious conspiracy to overturn our last presidential election.

Why am I convinced of this? Because Merrick Garland wrang his hands for two years before ultimately kicking the can down the road and appointing Jack Smith to be a special counsel to handle the Trump investigation. Why, because he could now isolate himself from being called a partisan hack if Trump is found guilty, and even more importantly, he might not draw the ire of Republican Senators who could once again block his future nomination to the Supreme Court.

Now let’s move to Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul. It’s well known he is waiting in the wings to run for Governor once Tony Evers retires, and Wisconsin statewide elections are always won or lost by razor-thin margins. If Kaul were to take a hard stand against the seditious actions of Senator Ron Johnson, Congressman Tom Tiffany, Congressmen Scott Fitzgerald, and the 10 fraudulent electors, he would inevitably take heat from Republicans for being partisan, and potentially lose a few important conservative swing voters in the process.

So given that calculus, it is not surprising but still extremely disappointing that he has done nothing to protect Wisconsin against future attempts to subvert our elections.

That brings us to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. If our Democratic Attorney General is too concerned about his future electoral ambitions to hold seditious Wisconsinites accountable, then the Wisconsin Elections Commission needs to step up to the plate.

But will they?

One would think this would be a no-brainer given that Democrats now have a majority to make this decision. But inconceivably, in March of 2022, when Spindell refused to recuse himself from the vote on whether or not to take up the complaint against the fraudulent electors, all 6 of the WED commissioners, including the three Democrats, voted unanimously to let the fraudulent electors off the hook!


Honestly, I don’t know the answer to this question and have asked some of the smartest Wisconsin Democratic strategists I know to help me understand why our 3 Democratic commissioners didn’t at least cast a “symbolic vote” to hold the fraudulent electors accountable, even though it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of that decision.

Because by NOT casting that “symbolic vote,” those three Democrats fed into the volcanically exasperating narrative that DEMOCRATS DON'T HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP TO TRAITORS…which was what I concluded last March when this vote took place.

Now I’m not saying these Democrats on the Wisconsin Elections Commission aren’t awesome people, in fact I’ve met 2 of them personally and respect them tremendously. One of them, Ann Jacobs, is even coming to the Minocqua Brewing Company next week to speak at our “Lady Justice” Beer release party! (If you’re reading this Ann, I love you, I just want you to see how many Wisconsinites desperately want you to be strong on this issue).

I think some of the same pearl-clutchers and hand-wringers at the highest level of the Democratic Party who have convinced AG Garland and AG Kaul to kick the can down the road, have also advised the Democrats on the WEC board to do the same.

Why? Because by holding the fraudulent electors accountable, which is 100% part of the WEC’s mission to make sure elections are safe, they “might appear" partisan and further erode the trust that Wisconsin Republican voters have in our electoral institutions.

But why do our state's Republican voters not trust the WEC? Because they’ve been LIED to by practically ALL of their Republican leaders and conservative media!

I understand wanting to assure Wisconsinites that our elections are safe, but it shouldn’t be the responsibility of Wisconsin's Democratic leaders to assure Republican voters of that fact when practically all of Wisconsin's Republican leaders are saying the opposite!

No, at some level, some elected official or institution in Wisconsin has to find the intestinal fortitude, regardless of appearances, to hold seditious Wisconsinites responsible for their actions…

…and the WEC just got a golden opportunity to do so.

So that’s why I’m asking you to write to Ann Jacobs, Mark Thomsen, and Joseph Czarnezki, the three Democrats on the WEC board, to accept the complaint filed against the fraudulent electors and to start the process of holding them accountable.

Here’s the email:

Because this is the general email box for the WEC (there aren’t public emails for each commissioner), please address your emails to these three Democratic commissioners and implore them to stop listening to the pearl-clutchers and hand-wringers in their party, to be strong for Wisconsin and America, and to do the right thing next week.

That’s all I have for you today.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking with the Minocqua Brewing Company.

Together, we can help nudge our own party leaders to do what’s necessary to “Make Wisconsin Great Again, One Beer At A Time.”

Kirk Bangstad
Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company
Founder, Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

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