Introducing "Filibuster Ale: Must Be Quaffed Before 2022

Introducing "Filibuster Ale: Must Be Quaffed Before 2022

Since Biden beat Trump, over 14 states have passed voter suppression laws meant to ensure that Republicans never lose again. Congress passed the “For the People Act” to stop them from cheating but the Senate can’t push it through because of an outdated rule called the “Filibuster,” which allows Republicans to block legislation even though they’re in the minority. This isn’t fair and the Filibuster must go in order to protect our democracy.

We at the Minocqua Brewing Company think #KillingTheFilibuster to pass voter protection laws is THE MOST important issue for America and Wisconsin, and thus did what we had to do-- make a beer about it:)

Introducing: “Filibuster Ale—Must be Quaffed before 2022”

This Hazelnut (otherwise known as a Filbert—get it?) Brown Ale has reached the peak of its flavor, just like the Filibuster, and must be quaffed before the 2022 elections.

In what is surely our most involved label to date, trusty blue-tied filberts are working in lock-step with their majority, represented by the ferocious Democratic donkey, to destroy the Republican playbook which is to BLOCK EVERYTHING that could help Americans by using the unfair Filibuster that gives them minority power they didn’t earn, ultimately frustrating voters who give up on government as “hopelessly gridlocked,” stop voting, and in a self-fulfilling prophecy, hand power back to these the Republican nihilists.

On the “right” side of the label, while most of the “cracked” red-tied filberts are screaming and howling about the Big Lie, Mitch McConnell is watching in horror as his final lever of power is chewed up.

Unfortunately, our label is merely aspirational, because inexplicably, not all Democratic senators currently in the majority are willing to #KillTheFilibuster.

We need two more: Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia Senator Senator Joe Manchin III

Of course our Senator Tammy Baldwin is in favor or getting rid of this frustrating roadblock to progress, and we know exactly where our other senator and insurrectionist, Senator Ron Johnson stands. He’s willing to cheat every step of the way.

So folks, we encourage you to contact these wayward Democrat senators and remind them of their duty to America.

And of course you should buy our beer...

Because 5% of all our profits go towards removing Senator Ron Johnson from office and replacing him with a progressive who will get rid of the Filibuster when the time comes.

Filibuster Ale will be in stores in early September. Go here to find the closest retailer near you:

Here’s to Making Wisconsin and American Great Again—One Beer at a Time.

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