Introducing "AOC IPA:  Do It Anyway."

Introducing "AOC IPA: Do It Anyway."

Ok Folks,

We’re proud of this one, and we’ve been waiting ANXIOUSLY to announce it because it’s probably our favorite beer yet.

One of the Minocqua Brewing Company’s favorite progressive figures in American politics is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Talk about strong!

AOC doesn’t back down to the nut jobs, and she doesn’t back down when people in her own party start appeasing the nut jobs.

We love her because she continues to fight for what's right, so we dedicated a beer to her.

Introducing “AOC IPA: Do It Anyway.”

AOC’s famous quote adorns the top of the can: “They’ll tell you you’re too loud, you need to wait your turn, and ask the right people for permission. DO IT ANYWAY.”

The back of the can has a special suffragette-themed message, and for those of you collecting our cans for posterity, we really think you’ll like both the message and the symbolism above the heads of our historically real suffragette figures.

We’ll let you read it for yourselves.

AOC IPA should be in select Wisconsin and Illinois stores by the second week of December, just in time to pick up for the holidays.

If its not in your favorite store, then gosh darn it all, ask them why not:)

Of course there’s a matching AOC-themed t-shirt made by our new friends at


As always, 5% of the profits from our new AOC IPA and merch go to the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC, which is dedicated to “Making Wisconsin Sane Again, One Beer at a Time.”
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