Inoculation Emancipation Party, This Saturday May 29, Details on Bands and Food

Inoculation Emancipation Party, This Saturday May 29, Details on Bands and Food

All this week we’re promoting the first stop of the #InoculationEmancipation Tour happening this Saturday, May 29, at Clancy’s Stone Lion from 11am-7pm.

Why are we promoting this all week? To be honest, we’re a bit scared that we planned the coolest party ever but because it’s not happening in Minocqua (because our backward reactionary town board thinks “fun” is a dirty word and forbid us to have this party on our own property) people won’t know about it.

Well in today’s promotion we’re gonna start with David Deon and the Soul Inspirations. These guys are going on second after Brothers Burn Mountain, from 1-2:30pm. We’ve hired this band probably 5-6 times at the brewpub, and every time they played, they packed the house. David’s covers of Earth, Wind, and Fire and Michael Jackson always light up the crowd. Here’s the line-up:

11-12:30: Brother's Burn Mountain
1-2:30: David Deon and the Soul Inspirations
3-4:30: The Kim Wasserburger Band

5:30-7: John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band

A lot of you have asked about food as well. The local DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and VFW is going to be selling food, so don’t worry, you’ll be able to lay a foundation to soak up #progressivebeer:)

And we can’t forget about the fact that the wonderful nurses from Family Health La Clinica will be vaccinating folks in our FREE “Shot and a Beer” tent from 11am-3pm.

Yes, this party is all about rewarding those who have already gotten vaccinated and encouraging those that are on the fence to take the plunge and get that “Fauci Ouchie.” Anyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated yet can get a free “1 and done” Johnson and Johnson vaxx along with a free can of beer.

This “Shot and a Beer” tent will be outside of the main music/beer/food area reserved for those who have been fully vaccinated plus two weeks for full protection. Remember you’ll have to show proof of vaccination plus two weeks to get into the party.

And finally, if you want to help sponsor a free beer to those getting vaxxed, please buy our Official Inoculation Emancipation Merch here:
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