How #ChoiceHardSeltzer Came to Be

How #ChoiceHardSeltzer Came to Be

So #ChoiceHardSeltzer may be the first product on the market in which 5% of the profits of the can are donated to Planned Parenthood (in this case, the Wisconsin chapter).

Why the first product? Because although there's only about 20% of our population who really believes abortions should be banned in America, a small but very vocal minority, it seems that 100% of the Republican Party has chosen to "act" about as hardcore on this subject as possible in order to prove their "pro-life" bonafides.

Most companies wouldn't want to wade into this REALLY SENSITIVE issue which is guaranteed to upset some potential customers, but let's be honest, we alienated those same customers a LONG TIME AGO:)

We came up with this idea last November when the radically harmful anti-abortion laws in Texas and Mississippi were working their way through the Supreme Court and most pundits thought that there was a very real chance that this 6-3 conservative majority court might overturn 50 years of Roe V. Wade, a ruling that 80% of America would find repulsive.

We came up with this logo and reached out to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, and they loved it. We actually couldn't believe how LITTLE red tape was involved to collaborate with them. They are fighting the good fight here and need as much help as they can get, so they welcomed our idea with open arms.

So folks, that's the story of how #ChoiceHardSeltzer came to be, and we hope you love it.

#ChoiceHardSeltzer will be on store shelves the last week of February. Please help us out and call your favorite liquor or grocery store near you and ask for it, so that they all know it exists.

Also an update, we now have women's fitted #Choice t-shirts available on our online store, so if you can't wait for the booze, you can still get some merch:)
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