Here's the Actual Pic of our NOPE #NeverTrump Billboard in Milwaukee

Here's the Actual Pic of our NOPE #NeverTrump Billboard in Milwaukee

Since over 700 of you donated to help put this billboard up, I wanted to show you the actual picture of our sign that went up two days ago on the Marquette Interchange that is visible as you're leaving downtown Milwaukee and going North.

This sign will stay up through the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee and remind Milwaukeans and Wisconsinites that our state and country are better than this. 

We're better than the lies, corruption, racism, and hate.  

Wisconsin doesn't want to host a party that has become a cult of personality while they perform their hateful coronation rituals on a man who tried to destroy America's democracy.

NOPE. We Don't.

This sign is merely a sign, and it won't do the hard work of organizing and reminding voters to cut through the immense misinformation campaigns coming from conservative media, but it can give us all a little hope and a little confidence that there's MANY MORE OF US that see through the manipulation of an entire political party, and that we're stronger than them-- even though they often scream more loudly than we do.

A quick story and then I'll leave you to the rest of your Wednesday.

I was a VERY AVERAGE cross country runner on a Wisconsin State Champion cross country team in 1995. 

I didn't even run in that final championship race because I was edged out of the 7th and final spot by a freshman in the previous sectional meet.

But I was part of a winning and heroic team, and I would have done ANYTHING to help my team win. Even though I wasn't on the front lines, I was a part of my team's collective heroic spirit.

Signs don't win elections, but feeling like your not alone, feeling like you're part of something that's heroic and GOOD--that's what gives us the strength to do whatever WE HAVE TO DO to get across the finish line.

Signs don't win elections, but spirit does.  

Enough with the polls. Enough with the horserace. Enough with the "but what abouts..."

It's time again to save our country, and once again, Wisconsin is up for the challenge.

Thanks for your help in getting this sign up. Let's put some more of these bad boys up before the convention--on freeways and in front yards.

Kirk Bangstad
Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company
Founder, Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

Donate here to help us put these NOPE signs up throughout Milwaukee
Buy a "NOPE Not In Milwaukee" yard sign here
Buy a "NOPE Not In Wisconsin" yard sign here


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