Free Beer to the Vaccine Hesitant with Every Shirt you Buy

Free Beer to the Vaccine Hesitant with Every Shirt you Buy

Hi Folks,

Here's an update on our vaccination party (s) happening on May 29, hopefully in up to 4 cities in Northern Wisconsin.

First, we're changing the name of the parties to the "Inoculation Emancipation Parties" so that no one thinks we're actually going to be vaccinating anyone.

Nope, we plan to drink a lot of beer and listen to awesome LIVE music, and celebrate the freedom that comes with being vaccinated.

BUT, apart from normalizing the need to require vaccination in order to party in public, another BIG GOAL of this party is to encourage those that are worried about getting the vaccine because of all the misinformation floating around out there to get vaccinated, so we will be giving 1 free can of beer to anyone that shows us they've had at least 1 shot in May.

So how are we gonna offset the cost of all this free beer? Well, we're going to sell you the "Official Merch of the May 29 Inoculation Emancipation Party", so every t-shirt, hoodie, or tank top you buy will ALSO buy a free can of beer for the "vaccine hesitant" to take the plunge.

Take a look at our new, progressive t-shirt design. We think it's cool as hell, and if you buy something, you're helping to get northern Wisconsin to herd immunity. Awesome right?

And did we forget to mention this party will have LIVE MUSIC?

Yeah, not only will we have live music again after so long, we've got John Primer and his blues band coming from Chicago. John is a blues legend who played with Muddy Waters and jumped at the chance to play for this good cause. Also, Kim Wasserburger, local Minocqua music legend, and Tommy Bentz, guitar phenom, will be gracing the stage. Stay tuned for more updates on music when we sign up more bands to play for this all-day affair.

Now finally, the details:

Where? we don't know yet, we hope four cities but actually holding it at our unfinished Tap Room in Minocqua might be a challenge because the Town Board doesn't like us.

When--All day, but actual times TBD

Rules--you have to provide proof of vaccination plus the requisite two weeks for ultimate protection to come to the party. The "one-shotters" can get a free can of beer (as long as they're of age), but they can't come into the party. Note when we say “one-shotters,” we mean people who have only been able to get one shot of Moderna or Pfizer in the month of May. If you’ve gotten one shot of Johnson and Johnson in the month of May but still don’t have two weeks under your belt before the party happens, you can’t come to the party either, but you still get a free beer.

That's the update!

Please go to link here and buy your Official Merch now, so that you can help us give free beer to the vaccine hesitant." Note that the Merch is super patriotic with Red, White, Blue, and Black colors.

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