First MBC Inoculation Emancipation Party--May 29 at Clancey's Stone Lion in Custer

First MBC Inoculation Emancipation Party--May 29 at Clancey's Stone Lion in Custer

Ok Folks,

Great News! We found a location for our First-Out-of-Many Inoculation Emancipation Parties! Keep reading to find out where…

Now for those of you just joining, our Emancipation Inoculations parties are slated to be huge days of live music and #progressivebeer in safe outdoor environments around the state. As of a few days ago, the CDC relaxed masking protocols for large outdoor gatherings provided everyone at the gathering was vaccinated-- so if you want to attend these parties, you’ll need to show us you’ve been vaccinated plus 2 weeks for full protection.

Another thing we’ll be doing is giving FREE BEER to those that have had at least one shot in the Month of May as a big “THANK YOU” for doing the right thing.

Since our original idea we’ve decided to join the growing WAVE of breweries and bars partnering with county health departments and will be trying to set up tents at these parties where folks can get vaccinated in exchange for FREE BEER.

We originally announced that we were going to have 4 Inoculation Emancipation parties throughout the state, but we wanted the biggest one to be on our new property in Minocqua.

Unfortunately, the town of Minocqua, instead of helping us find a path to throw a safe party that would help folks get vaccinated, rejected us out-of-hand. We fear it is because they listen too much to Tucker Carlson and believe the misinformation being spread about vaccine safety. (btw, if you want to email our town board chairman to and encourage him to help get more people vaccinated, here’s his email:

So even though Minocqua is our town and we’d like to have a party on our property, we didn’t have enough time to fight this decision so instead asked our friends on Facebook to help us out.

And boy oh boy, you guys came through!

Brian and Jacki Clancey, who own Clancey’s Stone Lion in Custer, WI, have the PERFECT venue for our first Inoculation Emancipation party.

Jacki reached out to us and offered up her place. Clancey’s Stone Lion, like many bars in Wisconsin, had to close right before St. Patrick’s Day last year, and since they’re an Irish Pub, it was particularly painful.

They’ve owned the pub for over 25 years, and have had some blowout St. Patty’s day parties with live music on their cool dead-end road in Custer, which is super close to Stevens Point, over the years.

They’ve decided not to re-open their pub and are looking to sell it, but loved our idea of incentivizing folks to get vaccinated, so came to our rescue.

We’re currently talking to the Portage County Health Department to see if they’d be willing to help vaccinate folks at this party, but it might not happen because their nurses have been working around the clock vaccinating people and were slated to have Memorial Day Weekend off.

And Man-O-Man, if anyone deserves a weekend off it’s the nurses dealing with Covid, so if live vaccinations don’t happen at this first party, we’re cool with it.

So put it on your calendars folks:

When: Saturday May 29, All Day (exact times TBD, probably like 11-7pm)

Where: Clancey’s Stone Lion, 7214 Custer Drive, Custer, WI

What: Emancipation Inoculation Party featuring Blues Legend John Primer and his Band, The Kim Wasserburger Band, the Tommy Bentz Band, and more…

Rules: Need to present proof of vaccination to attend plus 2 weeks for full protection. There will be a tent for those who have had 1 shot of Moderna/Pfizer in May or 1 shot of J@J but don’t have their two weeks in yet to pick up a free can of beer, and hopefully a tent for those to actually get vaccinated and a free beer.

And yes, if you travel for this party, book your hotel in Stevens Point/Custer. Give that money you would have spent in Minocqua to a town that encourages us to all get vaccinated.

And last but not least, we are currently working on 2-3 more Inoculation Emancipation Parties around the state between May and July, and we’ll announce them when we have more details. (hint hint-- since our town of Minocqua didn’t want us, we figure we’ll go to their main competitors, Door County, and see if they’d like us to throw a safe party over there.)

See you at the party, and thanks for “Making Wisconsin Great Again,” one beer at a time.

P.P.S., If you want to sponsor a “free beer” for the vaccine hesitant, buy our “Official Inoculation Emancipation Pary Merch.” Every t-shirt, hoodie, etc. that you buy will help us offset the cost of giving away free beer.

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