Fighting For Reproductive Rights with Hard Seltzer

Fighting For Reproductive Rights with Hard Seltzer

Hi Folks

This week is all about reproductive Rights.

We launched a hard seltzer called Choice this week, and 5% of the profits of this beverage will be donated to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
, an organization on the front lines fighting for fundamental reproductive rights.

We came up with this idea last November when the radically harmful anti-abortion laws in Texas and Mississippi were working their way through SCOTUS and most pundits thought that there was a very real chance that this 6-3 conservative majority court might overturn 50 years of Roe v. Wade, a ruling that Americans would find repulsive by a 2 to 1 margin.

So why does Roe v. Wade matter to Wisconsin?

There is a 147-year-old law banning abortion in Wisconsin that's still on the books, and Roe v.Wade is the only thing that currently invalidates it.

So while we've got the Trump Cult doing their darndest to blow up democracy by passing voter suppression laws throughout the country, we also can't ignore this very real threat to women and their right to make their own private healthcare decisions.

We hope this product, and the explanation of why it exists on the back of the can, will raise awareness on why this issue is so important RIGHT NOW, and how it's so important to vote for sane statewide politicians who have the political courage to update a 147-year-old barbaric law.

In addition to launching Choice Hard Seltzer, we created a really hard hitting podcast that addressed what a post Roe v. Wade world would look like in America. Our first guest, President of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Tanya Atkinson, brought us up-to-date on the most recent threats around the country and in Wisconsin to reproductive rights, and then we talked to Dr. Morgan Mandigo, a Harvard/Oxford/Johns Hopkins-trained obstetrician/gynecologist who has worked in African countries where abortion is illegal. She explained in graphic detail the horrors we’d see in America if abortion rights were taken away.

This podcast won't be for everyone because the topics covered are very sensitive, but those that don't understand the nuances of why reproductive rights are so personal for every woman should watch it.

So that's it folks, that's the report for last week.

In addition to voting for Democrats at the state level in 2022 who are willing to protect reproductive rights and getting involved with Planned Parenthood or other reproductive rights groups, we think bringing awareness to this political struggle is the best way to remind folks that the status quo they've been comfortable with for 50 years is on the verge of going away.

Thanks for sticking with us. Let’s Make Wisconsin empathetic, private, and understanding again, one beer (or hard seltzer) at a time.

Kirk Bangstad
Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company
Founder, Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

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