Evers Ale in stores Today

Evers Ale in stores Today

Ok everyone, today is the day that we start delivering Evers Ale to our retail partners all over the state. We can’t wait for you to try our latest creation because we’re so very proud of it--almost as proud of the beer as we are of its namesake, Governor Tony Evers.

Here’s a reprise of why we came up with this beer which was originally posted a few weeks ago. It is just as relevant now as it was then as we watch our governor wield his veto pen to damaging legislation being passed by the Republican Majority Legislature.

Introducing “Evers Ale—Made With Science and a Steady Hand.”

This Pale Ale is for our Governor, who, like the rest of us, has had a tough year.

Not only did he have to protect us from Covid, he also had to keep our economy afloat…all while the Republican majority legislature did everything they could to stop him.

He worked with brilliant public health scientists and doctors at the University of Wisconsin Madison to create the Badger Bounce Back Plan last April which laid out a path to slowly open the economy while keeping us all safe.

The Republicans sued him without a plan of their own, our biased Supreme Court sided against Evers, and Wisconsin became a Covid Wild West—with the rest of the nation shaking its head in disbelief.

Knowing his job of protecting Wisconsinites was bigger than politics, Evers was not to be deterred. He issued a mask mandate to slow the spread of Covid and many Republican sheriffs and police departments in Wisconsin refused to enforce it—a direct act of insubordination.

Instead of codifying the mandate into law like any other reasonable state legislature would do in times of pandemic, the Republicans refused to meet for over 7 MONTHS and instead sued to overturn the mask mandate—an act that undoubtedly caused more death in Wisconsin.

Evers pressed on, knowing he had to land his ship safely in spite of the wicked political storm that surrounded him.

When the vaccines arrived, Evers worked hard to distribute them to Wisconsinites and we LED THE NATION early on in vaccination rates. By this Memorial Day Weekend, after a harrowing year, we are practically out of the woods.

We think Evers deserves a beer.

On our label, our heroic governor has his steady hand on the Badger Bounce Back Plan steering wheel, which was guided by science from the UW System. The red background signifies both the UW colors, but also the sea of Republican obstruction he had to overcome in order to keep us safe.

Thank you Governor. We salute you!

Evers Ale is available TODAY. Ask your local grocery store, liquor store, restaurant or bar to email: info@minocquabrewingcompany.com to order.
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