Elect Deb McGrath for Congress--Expert on Protecting American from Russian Influence

Elect Deb McGrath for Congress--Expert on Protecting American from Russian Influence

Ok folks,

We just posted about our lawsuit to get Senator Ron Johnson and Congressmen Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald off the ballot in 2022 because we believe they aided the attempted coup against Biden on January 6.

We had a lot of folks write in asking us to also sue probably the biggest insurrectionist of all, candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, Derrick Van Orden, for actually BEING at the insurrection on January 6.

Yeah, this guys sucks A LOT but our lawyers told us that since he wasn’t an officer in the Navy, the 14th amendment that says you can’t run for office again if you try to break America doesn’t technically apply to him—thus we had to leave him off the suit.

Sorry, we were bummed as well, but we thought that this announcement gave us another chance to sing the praises of Deb McGrath, the best candidate running for this seat that includes La Crosse and Eau Claire.

In our thoughts, it seems there’s been some sort of disease in America over the last decade or so that has convinced voters that smart folks, or folks with the right type of government leadership experience, don’t make good congresspeople.

This disease is what got Trump elected and what has elected the two congresswomen pictured below heckling Biden during his State of the Union Address a few weeks ago. Ughhh.

In fact, this disease has gone way beyond politics, because a large part of our population no longer believes that doctors have the best information about Covid, nor do they believe the CDC has the best information about public health guidelines.

Its cray-cray, but the cray-cray ain’t going away because we have an entire media industry and political party making money off of amplifying it.

So here’s an amazing truth that really needs to rise above the cray-cray fray (see what we did there?):

While America is on the brink of WWIII with Russia, there’s a woman in Wisconsin running for congress who actually lived in Russia and focused on America’s national security for 25 years in the Army and CIA.


We have that person in Wisconsin?

Yes we do, and in all reality, she should REALLY be advising the White house right now instead of running for office out of her home in Menomonie, but how blessed are we to have such an expert in our own little state willing to throw her hat in the ring?

While living in Russia, Deb saw how their democratic government thinly veiled a totalitarian regime. She’s already witnessed journalists and the free press being threatened like we’ve seen in the news recently, and she saw closely how Putin focused most of his efforts on preserving his own power instead of investing in education and healthcare.

Sound familiar?

This woman has lived and analyzed Russia’s focus on authoritarianism, and is an expert on how to prevent that type of thing from happening to America, when this thing IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN AMERICA.

AND.... she’s running against a domestic terrorist who was part of the attempted coup against Biden on January 6!

You almost can’t find a more distilled “good” versus “evil” scenario in American politics at the moment, and it's happening right here in Western Wisconsin.

Folks, even though re-electing Governor Evers and jettisoning Russian Rojo is super important, we still gotta focus on this race, because Democrats have to hold onto the majority in Congress in 2022, or else we may lose our democracy for good.

Deb is the candidate for this moment. She’s spent her life fighting for our freedom, and now she’ll fight for us in Congress.

But like always, you gotta have money to tell that story. So please make a contribution to help her today:


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