Dark Brandon, Grateful Fred, and Our Strategy for 2024

Dark Brandon, Grateful Fred, and Our Strategy for 2024

Hi folks,

Now before I introduce this fabulous new beer called “Dark Brandon,” which I think is gonna be a big hit, here's the latest Super PAC news:

  • Trump suit--we’re waiting for our lawsuit to remove Trump from Wisconsin’s ballot to get a hearing in Dane County Circuit Court, but we're guessing that probably won't occur until after SCOTUS weighs in on Colorado’s and Maine’s rulings in February.
  • Voucher suit--we’re starting to coordinate with a few other groups as we refine our lawsuit to rid Wisconsin of its parasitic private school voucher system. While working with partners inevitably slows down progress, it's necessary to ensure that we can fund this effort now that we have to start in circuit court instead of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court.
  • Suit against Minocqua--our ongoing lawsuit against the Town of Minocqua has borne some fruit. We just signed a revokable license agreement with them to give us access to Hwy 51, which is the final step towards creating a beer garden for next summer. They tried everything they could over the last 3 years to shut us down, and it took a federal lawsuit claiming political harassment to force them to START playing fairly. We will see how long this lasts, and should have more updates for you in a few weeks.

Since one of our new beers has to do with all three of those lawsuits, I might as well introduce you to "Grateful Fred" before we get to “Dark Brandon.”

Fred Melms has been a constant in most all of our lawsuits to fix Wisconsin. Simply put, Fred is not afraid of anything and refuses to be deterred if the goal involves demanding justice and fairness--and those are hard traits to find in lawyers these days.
On our behalf, Fred has taken on Trump, the Wisconsin Republican Party, Betsy Devos’ “school choice” lobby, and the interminably-annoying OBNOM (Old Boys Network of Minocqua). 
Let’s just say we keep our "Irrepressible Ginger" pretty busy.

After Fred helped us finally win the right to build a beer garden, we decided to make him a beer and called it “Grateful Fred.”  You can read the whole story on the back of the can, and here's a picture of Fred and I sipping his new Red Ale at the Madison Beer and Cheese Fest yesterday.

Talk about life imitating art!

And now I'd like to introduce one of the more fun beers we’ve made in a long time.  It's called “Dark Brandon.”
This espresso stout is not only REALLY GOOD, but we laughed the whole time we were making it.
The story of what “Dark Brandon” means can be read on the back of the can, but let’s just say this moniker has become a hyper-sarcastic response to the worn-out term “Let’s Go Brandon” -- an over-used insult by MAGA folk who refuse to let us forget what the word "deplorable" looks like in real life.
The Biden campaign has seemingly embraced this ironic and humorous alter-ego, so we took the liberty of drawing our own version of what we think "Dark Brandon" looks like. 

Not only is this a fun beer release that plays off of our flagship "Biden Beer--Inoffensive and Not Bitter Kolsch," but it is part and parcel of our Super PAC's 2024 election year strategy. Similar to teasing Trump's cult with Biden's alter ego, we plan to keep shining a light on every bad MAGA actor that tried to undermine Wisconsin’s democracy on and leading up to the insurrection of January 6th, 2020.

Look forward to seeing new billboards in every part of the state reminding Wisconsinites that Trump wasn’t alone when he attempted to overturn the will of our voters. On the contrary, he was joined by Senator Ron Johnson; the sedition caucus that includes Congressmen Tom Tiffany, Scott Fitzgerald, and Derrick van Orden; Wisconsin wanna-be-strong-man Robin Vos; the fraudulent electors including Bob Spindell; and many, MANY others.
Once we have more news on these fronts, I’ll let you know and will probably ask for money to help fund it all.
This week, however,  I’ll leave your pocketbooks alone and hopefully just tempt your tastebuds with some tasty beer pics.
Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking with the Minocqua Brewing Company.
No matter how long it takes, we’ll march hand-in-hand with you to rid Wisconsin of its MAGA bad actors. All that we ask is that some of you use that free hand to hoist a few of our beers:)
Kirk Bangstad
Owner, Minocqua Brewing Company
Founder, Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

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