Cheers to Senate Candidate Alex Lasry for Calling out Tom Tiffany's Fear-mongering

Cheers to Senate Candidate Alex Lasry for Calling out Tom Tiffany's Fear-mongering

Do you recognize the pattern? When the Trump Cult is doing something absolutely dastardly, they accuse the other side of doing the same thing. Its called "deflection," "what-about-ism," and it's a psychological tool used by authoritarian governments to confuse, frustrate, and exhaust the nerves of its citizenry so that they stop fighting or get so scared that they vote for a dictator who promises to keep them safe.

It's part of the playbook. (So is dehumanizing people by calling them juvenile names, a tactic made famous by Trump that we've since adopted because these guys are dangerous and you have to fight fire with fire)

Now, we don't believe that Domestic #TerroristTomTiffany is smart enough to engage in this psychological warfare, but we do believe he's been radicalized by the #TrumpCult and is now happy to regurgitate talking points handed to him by his handlers.

#TroglodyteTomTiffany is basically a cowardly marionette doll willing to move his mouth and say what he is told so long as he gets patted on the head by "The Donald," gets to be a big shot congressman, and makes his big salary for ~ $160K.

Hell, this gig pays a lot better than his last one running a riverboat during tourism season #upnorth.

So a few days ago he parroted the language of hate, fear, and authoritarianism hellbent on destroying American democracy when he blew a racist and fear-mongering dog whistle, saying he was "deeply disturbed by the mass entry of [Afghan] foreigners from an unknown hotbed of terrorism."

This should REPULSE any Wisconsinite who cares about the honor of our military and the responsibilities we have to help the Afghan refugees who stuck their necks out for us when we needed them.
So we're happy to see that Senate candidate Alex Lasry stood up and said something.

This dude should still be drinking some celebratory champagne after bringing Milwaukee the NBA championship, and certainly doesn't have to care about #ToxicTom, being that he's in Milwaukee and our favorite #insurrectionist represents the 7th Congressional District.

But Lasry seemingly stands again hate, fear, and racism, and we respect that.
So good on you mate, keep on keepin' on. Thanks for joining us in calling out #TraitorTomTiffany and helping remind everyone what a stain he is on our state and the good people of #northernwisconsin

And a quick reminder, if you want to join in the fight to get rid of #TraitorTom, simply buy our beer or merch. 5% of our profits go to our Super PAC, which is solely focused on extricating #TrollTiffany and the worst Senator Wisconsin has ever had, Ron Johnson, from office.

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