Check out Up North Podcast Episode 18: the Legal Cavalry

Check out Up North Podcast Episode 18: the Legal Cavalry

Check out the Up North Podcast this week with Pat Kreitlow, head honcho at Up North News, Sarah Yacoub, executive director of the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC, and our owner Kirk Bangstad.

This week they talked with Doug Poland at Law Forward, the non-profit legal firm that is fighting for Fair Maps in Wisconsin.

Doug really helps listeners understand how badly the Republicans rigged the maps 10 years ago, and how they're now again cheating by pushing to have the case decided in the rigged Wisconsin Supreme Court instead of in the less political federal court, where these cases have been decided for the last sixty years.

They also discuss the Republican strategy of gaining power within local school boards by misleading the public about critical race theory and pushing an anti-science, anti-mask agenda.

And finally, they discuss how we're at a crossroads in America by analyzing a recent book that suggests there are four factors in our history that have eroded American democracy, but only now are those four factors all occurring at the same time.

Friends #upnorth, this is useful info, and it is designed to charge you up and encourage you realize how much the Republican Party is letting you down and to get involved to make politics in our part of the state as clean as our lakes and streams.

Together, we can make Wisconsin great again, one board meeting at time followed by a well-deserved beer:)
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