Check out This Week's Up North Podcast:  Follow The Money

Check out This Week's Up North Podcast: Follow The Money

Alright, so you don't want to miss this podcast today called "Follow The Money."

Sarah and Kirk dedicated almost the entire episode to discuss where the money is coming from to fund the alt-right insanity that has overtaken Wisconsin's democracy.

In our first segment, we brought in a long-time elder statesman of Wausau, Lon Newman, to talk about his experience watching how political donations buy access to politicians, especially the congressmen in the 7th Congressional District.

He helps us try to understand why business executives and doctors in Tom Tiffany's district, like those at IncredibleBank and Aspirus Health in Wausau, for example, continue to donate to him after he voted to delegitimize Biden's presidential victory and encouraged a violent insurrection against our country.

In our second segment, we talk to Matt Rothschild of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign to remind us of all the damage that has been done to Wisconsin's democracy because of the unlimited flow of political money since 2010, and what we can do to right the ship.

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