Announcing New Merchandise Line by Raygun Shirts Just in Time for the Holidays

Announcing New Merchandise Line by Raygun Shirts Just in Time for the Holidays

Holy cow are we excited to finally announce this...

Raygun is now our official merchandise partner, which means all of our merch sales, returns, and super nice Des Moines-based customer service will flow through them. before the story, here's the link to our store for the aggressive shoppers:

This has been a long time in coming.

Long story long (because we're bad at telling short stories,) we REALLY didn't like our old t-shirt vendor.

They were basically robots in the form of a company.

Here's a typical transaction:

Customer emails to MBC: "Dude I love you guys but my shirt is too small."

MBC to customer: "Dude no problem let us call our t-shirt vendor and fix it."

MBC to T-Shirt Vendor: "Dude, why do I have to open a chat window to talk to you? where's the dude to actually talk to? And why do you act like the Russian Facebook bots that regularly bomb our page, responding in artificial intelligence speak? and Mr. Robot, why do you refuse to do exchanges after we've just sold thousands of dollars of merchandise through you, making you richer? What do you do with that money, Mr. Robot? Do you spend it on romantic dates with Mrs. Robot at the artificial intelligence Jiffy Lube?

Yeah, that's how it has gone for over a year now, and good riddance to bad robots.

As it has ALWAYS happened in our business, we asked you guys for help because we had mad merch frustration, and a large number of you suggested Raygun.

We looked them up and lo and behold...they were awesome.

Raygun is a union shop, and they basically make progressive merch for a living, so its like an obvious collaboration.

The deal went down like this:

"Dude, we've heard that your company is cool, we should work together."

"Dude, we've heard your company is cool too, and yeah, let's work together."

"Sweet dude."

End Scene.

The owner Mike is a funny guy, and obviously cares about doing right by his employees.

And the best part about all of this is that you can now call them if your order isn't right and you'll get a live person on the phone to help you instead of an grumpy brewer who wants to jump off a bridge every time he has a conversation about shirts being the wrong size.

So although we know it's gauche to talk about the holidays before Thanksgiving, we're hoping you check out our new line of t-shirts and think about future "gift-giving."

As always, 5% of our profits go to our Super PAC, which is helping take the alt-right crazy out of Northern Wisconsin.

Happy shopping, dude.
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