2nd Suit Filed in Western District Against Fall Creek School Board

2nd Suit Filed in Western District Against Fall Creek School Board

Ok, so this morning a second lawsuit was filed in the western federal judicial district of Wisconsin against the Fall Creek school board, a town just outside of #eauclaire.

The Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC, with donations from you guys, is funding this lawsuit, and crossing our fingers that we can expand this suit into a class action against all school districts in the Western District that aren't protecting kids, teachers, and their communities from the Delta Variant.

This is our 2nd suit following the one filed last week against the Waukesha school board, which hopes to scoop up the rest of the nut job school boards in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Quick note--Our inbox is getting smashed right now by concerned parents asking us to help them sue their own wack job school boards. While we'd LOVE to help you, that's not how this works. We're aiming for a CLASS ACTION that will scoop up your wayward school districts automatically. There's no way we can individually sue every boneheaded district in Wisconsin, there's unfortunately just too many of them.

So you have two choices: You can either sit tight and hope our lawsuits ultimately scoop up your districts, or you can find your own lawyer and sue them yourselves and hopefully get quicker justice for your kids.

Here's to making Wisconsin's school boards SANE again, one beer at a time:)
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