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Handcrafted Beers Brewed at Minocqua Brewing Company


brewmaster, at minocqua brewing company, brewingWe serve our six house beers with additional seasonal brews.

The following beers are being brewed with the same great recipes that you've enjoyed in the past:

Whitey's Wheat Ale-
Our lightest brew for the novice beer drinker. This straw-colored ale has medium body with a hint of sweetness. Described as a very “drinkable” beer without sacrificing flavor.

Minocqua Pale Ale (IPA)-
An amber-colored ale with a pronounced loral aroma and a flavor contributed by Cascade hops. Hop lovers will savor this bold version of an American classic.

Wild Bill's Wild Rice Lager-
This unique, award-winning lager combines the smoothness of traditional barley with the warm, nutty flavor of wild rice. Truly an original brew!

Road Kill Red Ale-
Deserving of its name, this red/amber colored ale is sure to knock you off your feet. Crystal and caramel malts contribute to a balance of sweetness and smoothness.

Bear Naked Brown Ale-
Perhaps the most ancient style of beer, our brown ale is robust with a hint of nut flavor. With definable malt characteristics, this dark ale is sure to please any beer enthusiast’s palate.

Pudgy Possum Porter-
This dark, full bodied ale has a hint of rye accompanied by chocolate malt. The perfect brew for relaxed sipping!

Seasonal Brew: Hefeweizen-
A German style wheat beer which accents everything about European ales. Full-bodied beer spiced with notes of coriander, cloves and a hit of citrus. A strong German yeast will finish each sip with aromas of banana. Perfect with a slice of Orange.

The seasonal brew is on a random rotation. What's listed here is subject to change in-house!

"Get paddled!" and try all our tasty brews! You get 7 5oz glasses served on a handmade wooden paddle.

And don't forget about taking home a Growler.  They can be filled in-house with our available selection.

Join Minocqua Brewing Company's Mug Club


Mug Club at Minocqua Brewing Company

Our Mug Club is having another great year! (Stop in to see the current years hand crafted collectors mug)

Member Benefits - Cost is $75 per year
* $2.50 pints of beer for one year
* 10% off all food for one year
* Yearly limited edition MBC ceramic mug
* $10 off your meal if you come eat with us on your birthday

Discounts apply to individual mug club members only

Mugs are not required to receive your discount, however, membership cards are